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New York State Awards DeChantal (Day) Cummings, LCSW Social Worker of the Year

New York State Awards DeChantal (Day) Cummings, LCSW Social Worker of the Year

Congratulations to DeChantal (Day) Cummings, MSW, who has received the National Association of Social Workers – New York State (NASW-NYS) 2015 Social Worker of the Year Award. She was honored at the NASW-NYS annual conference in Albany, on March 20,  2015.

Ms. Cummings is a social worker at the Lee Gross Anthone Child Advocacy Center (CAC), a program of Child & Adolescent Treatment Services. The CAC has long been recognized as the lead agency in providing services to sexually and seriously physically abused children. The CAC works with law enforcement, medical, mental health and child protection professionals to help these children and their families with a single, child friendly, coordinated response.

“Day Cummings is a tremendous asset to our organization and an exceptional advocate for some of the most vulnerable children in our community” noted Bonnie L. Glazer, President, Child & Adolescent Treatment Services. Ms. Glazer added “Ms. Cummings has been a valuable member of the CAC for over ten years and has continually demonstrated a willingness to improve social services and enlist public support for improved social services”.

Ms. Cummings founded the animal assisted therapy program at the CAC. The program provides for trained therapy dogs to aid traumatized children. These specially trained therapy dogs are an important presence at the Child Advocacy Center and especially important to children who need a gently, non-judgmental companion who can help them begin to heal and regain their lives after abuse.

Ms. Cummings demonstrates leadership qualities of an exceptional nature, effectively integrates experience and education in an outstanding effort to help children and adolescents in our community, and represents the professional ethics of social work.

Child & Adolescent Treatment Services is a nonprofit organization dedicated to effectively treating children ages 3-21 with mental health challenges by reducing emotional suffering, behavioral issues and the impact of psychological trauma. We do this by providing psychiatric services, counseling and community-based programs that strengthen the emotional health and safety of children and adolescents in their home, school and community.