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Oppositional Behavior

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

smiley_faceIncreasing Positive Behavior in Young Children
CATS PCIT is a highly effective, evidence-based program shown to help children (ages 3–7) whose behavior is disruptive or impulsive enough to cause serious problems at home and at school.

Enhancing the Parent-Child Relationship
PCIT services are delivered in specially designed therapy suites, using state-of-the-art audio technology. The therapist provides live coaching from behind a one-way mirror via a wireless ear bud, guiding the parent in using effective skills to increase their child’s positive behavior and decrease negative behavior.

Weekly Sessions Improve Outcomes
Families are seen weekly for approximately 14–18 sessions, until parents have mastered the skills and their child’s behavior has improved to a level more typical for their age. They also receive guidance on practicing and using the skills at home and in other settings.

Working to Decrease Negative Behaviors
PCIT is designed for children whose behaviors fall outside the
range of what’s typical for their age, including:

  • Disruptive or oppositional behavior
  • Aggression
  • Inattention or hyperactivity
  • Behavioral problems stemming from
    traumatic experiences

Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT)
An adaptation of PCIT, the TCIT program trains daycare and preschool teachers to create a positive classroom environment that improves the behavior of all children in the classroom, especially children with extremely challenging behaviors.

The PCIT therapists at CATS are also trained in TCIT and they work collaboratively with community partners to extend these innovative programs into daycare and school settings.

Drawing Upon Rigorous Scientific Research
As an evidence-based practice, these programs are developed through extensive research that resulted in positive improvements. The research demonstrated that children’s behavior improves when parents and childcare professionals provide firm and consistent limits. The programs promote optimal interactions between children and their caregivers.

Our Highly Qualified Team

  • Have received intensive training in PCIT & TCIT
  • Empower parents & childcare professionals to make positive changes leading to improved behaviors in children
  • Include bilingual therapists who are fluent in Spanish

Benefits of PCIT & TCIT:

  • Strengthen the parent/caregiver and child relationship
  • Reduce disruptive behaviors
  • Decrease stressful interactions
  • Help the child develop the emotional, social & behavioral skills needed for success


“My 4-year-old daughter had problems at home and school to the point that where her teachers and my own family could not be around her. It just got to a point that I wanted to know why my daughter was like this and how can I fix it. The program at CATS works…everything and everyone is better…my daughter, her school community and our family.”

Contact our intake team if interested in counseling:

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If you are in crisis and live in
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If it’s an extreme emergency, call the police 911.